Friday, 4 January 2013

Windows 8 V/s Android

So many things have been said on different websites and blogs about windows 8 since its launch. Bloggers and technologists have studied every feature of windows 8 and drawn a comparison with ios and android.
This blog does not cover technical aspect of windows 8 anywhere. This post draws comparison between both FROM USERS’ MINDSET.

To start with the comparison, I would like to throw a question here:
“Is there any comparison between Linkedin and Facebook”?

Although comparison has been drawn many a times between these two by many people. But my answer is a plain “NO”. while linkedin is targeted at business users, whereas Facebook is targeted on casual users. Although facebook has tried to make space into business users by “facbook pages”, but users are using these two with a clear mindset.

Now come to the point “Windows 8 vs android”…

In a similar fashion mentioned above, we cannot draw a comparison between these (A BIG WHY…).
1.       Android is in the market since a long time and started its journey as a mobile platform. Whereas although windows 8 is launched just now BUT living in people’s mind since a long time as a “Default Platform” for computers (Yes, read it DEFAULT).

2.       Google tried to enter into PC market with “Chromium”, but till the date, not much PC’s are coming preloaded with this OS.

3.       Android perceived synonymous to games, more off a fun value is attached with android. Whereas Since ages office users/business users are using windows as a serious platform (Read it just work platform).

4.       As Google is trying to enter into serious business with “Chromium”, With “Windows 8”, Microsoft is trying to enter into fun business. 

Both of them are trying hard to change people’s perception (At least Windows 8)
(See recent adverts of Windows 8,in which it is very clearly targeted).

The road for Microsoft is comparatively easy. Let’s see, who wins the race.

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